Happy eggs from Happy chickens

January 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

The North Fork Valley on Colorado’s Western Slope is a quiet scenic agricultural gem with a mining heritage. I had to cut my visits short last summer when I started cancer treatments, but the friends I had met over the past few years there made sure I got a few care packages over the fall and winter. They sent earthy nourishing vegetables, sweet rich fruit, food friendly wines, hearth baked breads, golden comb honey, farmstead cheeses, goat milk and chèvre and the happiest eggs in the world! I’ll finish treatment early this spring, and can’t wait to get back for a visit, and then who knows? Thank You! M,K,B,G,J,K,M,W,M,S,E,J,C,S,Y,M,W for sustaining me over the winter!

See my Happy Face? I’m almost done with chemo! (Fried eggs on sautéed spicy greens and stone ground grits)

The eggs came from some young chickens called cuckoo maran. Look at the lovely deep brown and spotted eggs they lay.

Not sure who laid the cream one


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