10CC (10 day chemo countdown)

January 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

No, not the band 10cc (but I listened to their music in my college days). The title of this post means, HURRAY, I’ll have my last chemotherapy infusion, February 9th, 2012! Since I haven’t up to now, I want to journal my cancer experience over the next ten days in some of my posts. But there’ll be plenty of baking and fun along the way too.

My stats: female, 59, Asian, small stature and build, always lived in the southwestern US (southern California, New Mexico, Colorado), college-educated, married twice, two children, white collar professions except for eight years more recently in restaurants and bakeries, last full-time job in 2010 as culinary pastry instructor, light inconsistent exerciser (6 months of hot yoga in my hey day, mostly dog walks and gardening now), “healthy” diet (that’s hard to define these days), maintained a good weight, wore sunscreen and hats, no family history of cancer except possibly one grandfather (unconfirmed stomach cancer). I kept up with my well checks including blood work, pap smears, stool checks, and once I passed fifty, annual mammograms, a bone density test or two, a sigmoidoscopy (I’m due for a colonoscopy now). I thought i led a healthy life.

“Why do I have cancer?”



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