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Only 9 more days to the last chemo!

It’s a year ago, in January 2011, when I notice a little bit of “spotting”. Since I’m well past menopause, this isn’t normal but it doesn’t alarm me. Actually, it should have. It sporadically continues on and off; then the spotting turns to blood. OK, the alarm bells go off and I call my doctor right away, on my birthday June 21st. I had let it go almost six months and feel pretty bad about that. My doctor recommends I go straight to an OB/GYN; I don’t even have one–that’s how healthy and carefree I felt then. I get my referral (I’m in the Kaiser HMO network) and meet my new gynecologist a few days later. He performs an endometrial biopsy in the office (ouch!) and I go home to wait for results. A couple of days later, his nurse calls me with “inconclusive results”, so I set up an appointment for a recheck. This time when I go in, I’m bleeding again, so I think “good, Dr.L will be able to figure out what’s going on”. Dr. L tells me that there were only cervical cells on the first biopsy and no endometrial tissue, so we have to repeat the procedure. This time with a little more vigor shall I say. Anyways (ouch! ouch!), I go back home and wait again. A few more days pass, and the doctor calls. He tells me that the pathology shows

Atypical cells. So what does this mean for me?

Hana wonders… I keep busy, stay busy… the garden comforts… We wait…


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