February 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

4 more days to the last chemo! Hurray! Today is Superbowl Sunday. Hurray!

Monday early morning, a week after Labor Day we drive down to University Hospital in Denver. It’s still dark, with just a hint of light on the eastern horizon. We park a ways from the entrance due to all of the construction at the hospital. My husband Phil and I walk hand in hand  to the hospital entrance. Surprisingly, I’m one of many patients checking in at this early hour. We watch dawn break through the large upper story windows. A nurse calls my name, it begins.

The surgery takes a long time, almost six hours. Longer than normal, but successful. Then for some reason it takes a long time to get from the recovery area to my room, where I’ll stay for the night. By that time, it’s sometime after 5pm and Phil needs to leave to get home and feed Hana. In my groggy state, I don’t understand why he has to leave so soon.

It’s a rough night, but I sleep off and on; seems like the nurses wake me often to take my vitals (temperature, blood pressure, etc.) Early in the morning, a nurse has me get up and stand by the side of the bed for a minute. I have a little breakfast, some bland oatmeal, juice and coffee. My goal is to get out of bed as much as I can and either sit in the chair, or walk around the room and finally, walk up and down the halls so I can go home. The nurses are also concerned about my digestive system working properly; I guess the surgery and anesthesia can really slow things down and everything needs to “wake up” again. Hurray! Everything works! At noon I order lunch; the roast turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes and cranberry sound so festive I can’t resist. Okay, I should know better, after all this is hospital food. It’s not so bad, but I really want to go home. I do some more laps around the hallways. Hurray! I’m pronounced ready to leave the hospital. I call Phil; we go home.



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