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August 22, 2012 § 13 Comments

Well, almost. I wasn’t too pooped to pop though, and after seeing all the triumphant puffy popovers posted by the other punctual Tuesdays with Dorie members, here I am with my tardy popovers and a quick (for me) recap.

Little did I know when I bought these mini-cake pans years ago, that I had in fact purchased popover pans. Their straight sides looked perfect for turning out little chocolate cakes, which they did admirably then. They look and feel like cast iron covered with a durable non-stick, so they distribute heat evenly and with a thin coating of butter, nary a crumb of popover stickiness. I have no idea who made them or where I bought them.

One of the best things about popovers is that you almost always have all the ingredients you need – milk, eggs, butter, flour, salt – and they are very easily mixed together by hand or machine, just dump and mix! I recommend, however, that you never plug in the blender when you’ve already loaded the pitcher onto the base, but haven’t placed the lid on yet. Yeah, did that, but skipped taking a picture of the result. 😦

Like many of the TWD’ers I made this recipe more than once since it’s quick (unless you forget the blender lid) and the ingredients are readily available. It’s so intriguing and almost magical when you get these big puffy baked things from a 1/3 cup of rather thin batter and it’s pretty fun to watch them bake too. I altitude adjusted the first batch on the left by adding 1 1/2 cups each of milk and flour instead of the original 1 cup; these definitely rose taller and kept their shape better. The extra flour develops more gluten for structure, while the extra milk keeps the ingredients in balance and prevents dryness. While they looked amazing, they were a little doughy inside and a bit on the chewy side for me. So I went back to the original unadjusted recipe for Round 2. I bumped up the salt to 1 teaspoon of coarse kosher, and even added 1 tablespoon of sugar as Round 1 was also a little flat in taste while not in height. Round 2 did not have the impressive height of the altitude-adjusted batch, but I liked the more tender crumb, thinner crust and completely hollow interiors which were the perfect vessels for some homemade preserves.

And while we could have easily consumed both batches with my son visiting, I sent some of AA (altitude-adjusted) Round 1 to our next door neighbors along with apricot butter. The three of us enjoyed the rest alongside a summer frittata and cottage bacon Sunday brunch.


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§ 13 Responses to too pooped to post

  • In the end, not only you posted, but you had a popover feast on your plate! These are great for brunch. Beautiful pics!

  • Thanks for being a fan, Paula. They are pretty great anytime, so it’s a good thing they’re mostly air, right?

  • loavesandstitches says:

    They look great! Good job and better late than never!

  • Ferda says:

    They look great!

  • Cathleen says:

    Oh my! I can just imagine the splattered kitchen! Your popovers look perfect! That pan would make perfect little cakes. 🙂

  • They look great. Altitude adjustments do make a difference. The ones I remember from my childhood were always a little hollow, and as a result, are easy to fill – think eclairs.

  • Mary Hirsch says:

    I knew you’d come out of your “poopness” and show us your Popovers. They look good, Marilyn. Thank you for adding the altitude tips. I’ll add a little sugar next time. Do you know the most recent Sunset magazine has an article on the Paonia area – exactly where your son and you just visited? So much has happened in that part of Colorado since I last lived here. On August 15, the day before I moved back to Aspen, they even opened a Whole Foods in Basalt. Can you imagine. I remember when Boulder first got one and we’d all come to Boulder for that great and fresh food.

  • Teresa says:

    Those pans are beautiful, Marilyn! I like your additions to the second batch – these seem like another good ‘blank canvass’ recipe. Folks have been adding all sorts of things, but bumping up the flavour with a little salt and sugar sounds just right.

  • Not only did you post, but you made two batches. Sorry to hear about the batter explosion….I can’t stand to clean stuff like that up! I like the thought of making tall little cakes in a popover pan…I’ll give that a try sometime., and give my pans some extra use.

  • Beautiful presentation for both batches! I love that you gave some away to your neighbours with apricot butter! And that you had some for dinner with summer frittata and bacon – it all sounds and looks wonderful!

    Thank you also for taking the time to visit my blog!

  • Cher says:

    Beautiful job on these! Great height.

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